About Sprocket

Sprocket is a website for teachers to access full-year, coherent project-based learning courses. It also creates an online community where teachers can share ways to use and adapt the courses. In this way, teachers can collectively update and enhance the project-based programs to meet the needs of their local contexts.

Sprocket Features

Sprocket is organized with different levels of full year project-based learning course materials:

  • Course level:
    the scope and sequence, including the master course question and associated driving questions that inform each of the project cycles or units
  • Project or Unit level:
    conceptual maps of each project cycle, or unit, and plans that include key topics covered
  • Task or Subunit level:
    overview of the lesson sets and the assessments
  • Lesson-specific procedures:
    lesson-specific procedures that teachers can edit
  • Resources:
    files and materials accompanying each lesson

The interactive features allow teachers to make curricular adaptations, share those adaptations with other teachers participating in their community, and interact with colleagues around PBL practices and course content.

Sprocket is a Platform for Teachers

Learn more about how Sprocket meets implementation challenges by providing strong exemplars of PBL curricula, flexible resources, and a community of like-minded educators.

Teacher Resources

Teachers receive these resources through Sprocket:

  • Complete project-based learning courses
  • Three versions of the curriculum materials
    • My Curriculum:
      teachers can create their own version of the curriculum by adapting and developing materials and lessons
    • Community Curriculum:
      teachers can view adaptations made by other teachers and can use these in their own version of the curriculum
    • Master Curriculum:
      teachers can view the original curriculum without changes or adaptations
  • Robust online-community features organized around the curriculum
  • Features to allow adaptations to specific aspects of the curriculum materials for individual classrooms
  • Communication tools for sharing curricular adaptations with other teachers
  • Teacher supports to facilitate enactment of the curriculum materials

Teacher Interactions

Teachers use Sprocket as the primary access point to the project-based courses. As teachers implement the curriculum, they document adaptations to the lessons and can use Sprocket to record reflections about their experiences at the conclusion of each project cycle or unit. These reflections may consider implementation results of the project or unit and how their instructional practices changed over time. In this way, teachers can review their own progress over the course of the school year. When teachers share materials and ideas, the broader teacher community also benefits.

Teachers can interact with Sprocket in the following ways:

  • Access courses
  • Regularly document adaptations to curriculum materials
  • Provide rationales for adaptations
  • Record reflections at the conclusion of each project cycle or unit
  • Interact with other teachers